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Here are some of the key benefits our clients experience

  • Improved Productivity

  • Higher Team Engagement

  • Culture of Innovation

  • Higher Sales

  • Greater Customer Engagement

  • Create a stronger brand for themselves

  • Enhanced Interpersonal skills

  • Confidence to set and pursue goals

  • Enhance leadership for their business

Services We Offer

We understand that different clients have their own specific requirements. Hence, we ensure that our solutions are designed as per your requirements and measured against your objectives to provide you greater ROI

As an individual, are you looking for results in one or multiple areas in your life, and feel stuck in your quest to achieve these? Or, are you getting results in your ventures and want to take your success to a higher level, to help you grow further? If this sounds familiar to you, then this is for you.

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Group Trainings and Workshops that deliver content in an interactive forum, which encourages you to implement your learnings as you go

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VP Report_SnapshotProfiling Tools that help you assess your strengths as well as gaps with respect to your desired results, which help us devise strategies on how you can enhance your results by addressing the gaps identifiedLearn More
11838499_sOur purpose of writing is to share the learnings and insights gained from working with our clients, and help others on their journey to success. We are featured in multiple media publications as well as have co-authored 2 books on how you can create success. Are you looking for a guest writer?Learn More

Want Free Leadership Strategies?

Free Weekly Tips delivered straight to your inbox to accelerate your growth!

Methodologies we Specialise In

Here’s what some of our clients have to say

We absolutely love it when our clients achieve amazing results. Nothing’s better than hearing feedback from our clients on their amazing success stories.

“Prior to having coaching with Arpan I had some concerns around my confidence and business skills, including business planning. Since going through the process I have uncovered new ways to view old events and issues that were causing limiting self-beliefs and future goal planning.  I now have some powerful tools and strategies to deal with these.  I have learned more about myself and gained freedom from old thinking that was holding me back. Even more than that, I am empowered to create new ways of thinking on my terms that are resourceful. I feel much more confident as a result of the coaching.

As a coach, Arpan is thoughtful and compassionate. He  provides a safe environment for his clients to open up and thrive throughout the session. His skills in working on deeper levels are commendable and make a real difference. I would recommend coaching with Arpan to anyone who is ready to make a change and achieve greater success. 

Thank you Arpan for putting your heart and soul into our sessions to allow me to achieve outstanding outcomes.”

– Allison, Melbourne

“Before working with Arpan, I had a fear of not being enough to be able to make it as a coach. I was in a space where I was procrastinating taking actions to do what I needed to do to get my coaching business going. After my sessions with Arpan, I embraced the fear and did it anyway. Arpan has a gift for going to the core of the issue and effecting transformation quickly. I would recommend Arpan to any person who has a dream but is struggling to make that dream a reality for themselves.”

– Marie, Sunshine Coast

“Working with Manasee has been a great experience and has been of major help in building my self-awareness. Before working with her, I was experiencing a lack of connection with my personal and professional life. As a result of working with Manasee, she helped me build a simple and effective strategy that allows me to achieve this. It has been a wonderful experience working with her and I would recommend Manasee to anyone who wants to achieve professional and personal success with heart.”

– Tammie, Melbourne

Want Free Leadership Strategies?

Free Weekly Tips delivered straight to your inbox to accelerate your growth!